Spotlight on Your Dog’s Top-Notch Grooming Experience

Your freshly adopted golden retriever Boomer is excited about his first grooming appointment. When he joined your family last week, his coat was loaded with tangles and debris. After brushing your very tolerant pooch every day, you’ve turned your ragamuffin into a respectable dog. In fact, your vet Arlington Heights complimented you during Boomer’s new patient exam. Now you’re ready to give your buddy some professional grooming services. Learn more about your dog’s grooming appointment logistics.

Tail-Wagging Welcome

Boomer’s grooming experience begins at the grooming salon’s front door. He’ll be there for several hours, and you’ll retrieve your much-better-looking pooch later that day.

First, the salon’s receptionist will greet you and Boomer; and she’ll ask about specific grooming instructions. Perhaps your vet has prescribed a medicated shampoo or directed you to avoid getting water in your canine buddy’s ears. Maybe you have breed-specific grooming instructions. Make your wishes crystal clear. Afterward, Boomer will receive an escort to the work area, where he might receive his pre-bath prep work. Otherwise, he’ll relax in his kennel and await his turn.

Pre-Bath Preparations

Boomer’s groomer will closely examine his coat before giving him a thorough brushout. If his coat still contained lots of mats, the groomer might give him a complete shave-down. After all, she doesn’t want to cause your pooch pain by attempting to remove the mats with the brush and dematting tools. Finally, Boomer will receive a welcome nail trim and a nice ear cleaning.

Anal Gland Expression

Now it’s time for Boomer’s anal gland expression. His groomer will probably position your dog in the tub; however, a large-dog floor bathing station would also work.

Next, the groomer will express Boomer’s anal glands, two small fluid-rich glands designed to empty when your dog defecates. When your buddy’s anal glands are regularly emptied, he reduces his risks of future medical problems.

Delightful Spa Services

With tail wagging, Boomer eagerly enjoys his warm-water bath. He’ll get a pleasant-smelling shampoo, a nice coat massage, and a squeaky-clean rinse. The groomer will dry your canine companion’s coat with a hand-held or kennel dryer; and he’ll receive a brushout and a breed-specific finish clip. Boomer might even receive a bandanna and/or some cologne.

When Boomer next visits your vet Arlington Heights, the vet will be pleased with your pooch’s brand-new look. If you’d like your dog to enjoy a quality grooming experience, call for an appointment.