Put the Brakes on Your Dog’s Yard-Digging Behavior

Your adventurous dog Bailey thinks he’s digging to the center of the earth. For several days, your energetic pooch has been methodically enlarging a spot near your fence, regularly throwing up clods of dirt and grass. You’re not sure if Bailey’s trying to get out, or let other dogs in; however, his unacceptable behavior must stop now. You’ve asked your veterinary clinic Fort Worth to give your delinquent dog some behavioral counseling. Learn more about dogs’ digging behaviors.

Multiple Digging Motivations

Bailey might dig for several reasons. First, he’s probably curious about what’s under all that grass or beyond the fence. Maybe your high-energy pooch is reliving his “wild dog” days, when he’d have to hollow out a den for shelter and protection.

Since Bailey’s a smart dog with too much time on his hands, he might be looking for a satisfying new activity. You could even regard digging as a “gateway behavior” that might lead your dog down the path to furniture chewing or non-stop barking.

Canine Digging Hall of Fame

If Bailey was a dachshund or terrier, you’d have a tough time getting him to cease his digging behavior. After all, these compact dogs were bred for furiously focused digging work; and they’ll gladly concentrate on gophers or moles in your flower beds. These single-minded dogs must have a very compelling reason to stop digging; otherwise, they’ll continue this instinctive behavior for the long term.

Wear Your Digger Out

By giving Bailey lots of vigorous daily exercise, he’ll probably expend considerable energy he’d otherwise use for yard digging. Take him for several brisk neighborhood walks, play some fast-paced fetch games, or both. If Bailey happens to be a super-energetic breed, such as a Dalmatian or border collie, high-level exercise is especially important.

Provide your veterinary clinic Fort Worth with details on Bailey’s digging exploits. Your vet will develop a strategy to make Bailey replace his excavation work with more acceptable behaviors. If you’d like to stop your own dog from destroying your yard, ask for your vet’s expert assistance today.