Understanding Your Cat’s Picky Eating Behavior

Your cat Dolly needs a picky eating intervention. For several years, your feisty cat has been eagerly nibbling her kibbles and never leaving a crumb. Recently, though, five-year-old Dolly just sniffs at her food, picking out a few pieces before turning away from her meal. Since you’re concerned that your cat’s nutrition has suffered, you’ve asked your veterinarian Arlington Heights to determine what’s behind your finicky feline’s food foibles. Learn more about cats’ picky eating behaviors.

Negative Dining Environment

Dolly wants to enjoy her meals in a fine-dining restaurant, complete with classy ambience and no disruptions. Unfortunately, you’ve placed your cat’s bowls in your busy kitchen, often populated by your family and friends. While Dolly hates consuming her food in such chaos, she figures her only recourse is a modified hunger strike. To resolve this impasse, consider changing your family’s mealtimes so your discerning cat can dine alone.

Undesirable Food Choices

Perhaps Dolly hates your restaurant’s menu choices. If your feline companion has eaten the same dry food for some time, she’s demanding that you revise the menu. If your home’s air contains lots of humidity, the normally crisp food might have soaked up considerable moisture. As a result, the food has developed a cardboard-like consistency and taste.

Maybe Dolly prefers wet food; however, she doesn’t want the cold, clammy mush you scoop from her refrigerated cans. After all, cold food just doesn’t have that distinctive cat food aroma. To grab Dolly’s attention, heat the food slightly; however, make sure it can’t burn her delicate mouth.

More Discouraging Factors

Dolly doesn’t want to consume her food from a dirty, bacteria-filled bowl. By washing her bowl daily, you’ll avoid this disgusting and potentially hazardous problem. Consider that Dolly might suffer from a painful dental condition that causes her discomfort when she eats. Once your vet pinpoints and treats your feline friend’s mouth malady, she should enjoy her food again.

Control the Game

Since Dolly seems dissatisfied with her food, purchase the best cat food available; however, honor your cat’s dry or wet food preference. Even if your persistent cat pesters you, avoid stomach-upsetting human food. Eventually, Dolly should relent and eat her quality food.

If Dolly doesn’t eat for an entire day, ask your veterinarian Arlington Heights to evaluate her for a food allergy or undiagnosed medical problem. To resolve your own cat’s picky eating issue, schedule a veterinary consultation today.