How Your Pets Can Improve Your Overall Health

Your golden retriever Dusty just received his Canine Fitness Coach certification. This energetic pooch regularly joins you for neighborhood jogs and brisk hikes through your region’s parks. In fact, your canine buddy motivates you to put on your workout shoes when you’d rather stay home. You’ve even told your vet Arlington Heights about your canine workout machine’s talents. However, you might be surprised to learn that Dusty can also boost your emotional health and sense of well-being. Learn more about how pets can enhance your life.

Body and Soul Booster

Your well-scheduled day hasn’t gone quite as planned. You encountered a massive traffic jam this morning, making you late for an important department meeting. Another unexpected meeting also cropped up, setting you further behind schedule on your other projects. Driving home, your car overheated on the expressway. By the time you got towed home, it was well past dinnertime.

While you just wanted to relax, Dusty refused to cancel tonight’s workout session. He greeted you at the door, anticipating a vigorous neighborhood walk with his favorite pet parent. Looking at Dusty’s happy smile, your mood suddenly improved tenfold. After you and your fitness coach jogged around the block, you felt more relaxed and energized.

Canine Social Director

Dusty’s outgoing nature always attracts other joggers and dog walkers. While you stop to chat with your canine celebrity’s fans, you often encounter neighbors you wouldn’t otherwise meet. On several occasions, you’ve received invitations to neighborhood potlucks and other social get-togethers. Dusty has also cast his spell over your Farmer’s Market and dog park, as your canine social director always draws an admiring crowd.

Decreased Anxiety Level

If you regularly experience pain, particularly from a chronic medical condition, your quality of life has probably been reduced. When you don’t feel well, you can also become more anxious. Fortunately, Dusty’s also experienced in relaxation techniques.

Your calming pooch lies on the couch while you gently pat his head. While you focus on your enduring bond with him, your anxiety level goes down considerably. Since you’re less anxious, your pain also dissipates a bit. Reflecting on these positive results, you think Dusty (and maybe your cat Misty) deserves a spot on your treatment team.

When Dusty visits your vet Arlington Heights next week, tell the vet how your pooch has helped to improve your health. Ask for suggestions on making your human-animal bond even better.