How Children Benefit from Having Pets

Have you been thinking about getting a pet, but perhaps hesitating because you have young children? If so, you’ll want to read this article by your Fort Worth vet, which outlines some of the many ways children benefit from growing up with pets.

Learning Values

Pets can teach a child quite a bit about responsibility, and how important it is to treat animals with kindness and compassion. While you’ll of course want to match your pet to the ages of your children, even a toddler can help with little chores, like feeding a gerbil.

Self Esteem

Studies show that kids with pets tend to have higher self-esteem. There’s no understating the benefits of unconditional love an animal can provide. A pet’s love is always there, even on bad days. Your furkid will give your child someone to play with and talk to, and put a smile on your little one’s face.

Health Benefits

Would it surprise you to learn that the bacteria and germs on pets are actually good for children? Kids with pets tend to have fewer respiratory issues, and suffer less from allergies. If your child is allergic, of course, you’d want to carefully research what type of pet would be best.

Less Stress

You may have read that pets are great for reducing stress and anxiety. These benefits apply to children as well. Whether it’s through the soothing vibration of Fluffy’s purr, or Fido’s steadfast presence and adoration, our four-legged friends truly do help us all cope with the day-to-day stresses of modern life.


A pet can provide a source of comfort for a child during tough times. Pets help kids cope with life’s more difficult moments, such as the death or illness of a loved one, the loss of a friend, or even a move.


Kids with pets tend to be more active, which is another great benefit of having pets. Whether it’s playing fetch with a dog, or dangling a wand in front of a kitty, kids with pets tend to keep moving.


Last but not least, kids with pets can experience the special gift of an animal’s love. In our opinion, this is one of life’s special treasures.

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