Helping a Rescued Cat Adjust

Have you recently decided to take in a kitty that needs a second chance? We would like to offer our appreciation and support, and applaud you for helping an animal in need. Your new feline friend will likely also show her gratitude, and repay your kindness with feline love and loyalty. Fluffy may need some time to adjust first, however, as big changes can be scary for a cat. In this article, your Arlington Heights vet offers some tips on helping a rescued cat adjust.

Start Slow

When you first bring Kitty home, start her out in one room. Your best bet is to prepare this room in advance, and put Fluffy’s litter box, toys, and food and water dishes in it before her arrival. Your feline friend will appreciate having a few comfy places to sleep, as well.

Let Her Come To You

Don’t force attention on your new furball. Instead, coax her to you with treats, and only pet her if she allows it. If she doesn’t want to be petted, don’t force the issue. Talk to her in soothing tones, and just give Fluffy time to adjust.

Time It Right

Try to avoid bringing your cat home at a hectic time. The day before a child’s birthday party, for instance, is not a good time. Ideally, try to pick up your kitty on a Friday, when you can spend the weekend at home.


Playing with your furball will help her burn off nervous energy, which will result in a calmer kitty. Interactive toys, like wand toys or laser pointers, are great choices for playtime.

Introduce Other Pets Slowly

If you already have other pets, you’ll want to introduce them to the newcomer in stages. First, let them smell each other under the door. Once they’ve gotten used to the fact that there’s another animal on the other side of the door, bring your newcomer out in a carrier, and slowly let them start to interact.


Rescued animals often recognize the fact that they’ve been saved, and are very grateful and appreciative. The main thing your cat needs during the adjustment process is love. With love and patience, you’ll have Kitty’s little motor rumbling in no time!

Do you have questions about caring for your cat? Please contact us, your Arlington Heights vet clinic, any time. We are happy to help!