Cat Toys 101

Does your cat sometimes bat at your shoelaces, or play with random objects that have fallen to the floor? Our feline friends are certainly very frisky! In fact, Fluffy’s playful streak is one of her cutest traits. In order to keep your furry buddy occupied and entertained, you’ll need to provide her with plenty of fun playthings. But what should you look for in cat toys? An Arlington Heights, TX vet discusses kitty playthings in this article.

Classic Kitty Toys

It’s probably safe to say that classic kitty toys, like catnip mice and little balls, won’t be losing their popularity anytime soon. Many kitties also love string toys. These are great because they allow you to control them, which can make playtime more fun and challenging for Fluffy. Just be sure to put wand toys away after playtime. You don’t want to risk your furball getting tangled up!

Laser Pointers

That little red dot is a fine adversary for Fluffy! Just avoid pointing the light right into Fluffy’s eyes: this can be dangerous!

Modern Playthings

There are now all sorts of fun, high-tech kitty toys. Consider getting your cat a robotic mouse, which will react to her movements. Fluffy may also enjoy an automated laser pointer, catnip bubbles, or other mechanical toys. You can even download games for your furball to play on a tablet or phone!

Random Objects Cats Just Find Amusing

Cats aren’t always very picky in their choice of toys. You may find your furball batting around an ice cube, a bottle cap, or the ring from a milk gallon jug. We’ve also known kitties that love playing with crumpled up pieces of paper, pens, and even dust bunnies. There’s nothing wrong with letting your quirky pet indulge her unique taste in toys, as long as you make sure your cat’s toys are safe. Never let your feline buddy play with anything sharp or toxic, or items with small parts or dangling threads. Fluffy may meow in protest if you take her toy away, but she won’t hold a grudge.

DIY Toys

If you are a crafty type, you may want to consider making Fluffy’s playthings. Look online for great DIY ideas. You may be amazed at how many cute, creative options you find!

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