Tips on Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your kitty have any furniture of her own? If so, that’s wonderful! Fluffy won’t hesitate to get comfy on her humans’ beds and couches, but she will really benefit from having some furniture made just for her. A local Arlington Heights, TX vet offers some helpful tips on buying cat furniture in this article.

Anxious Kitties

Do you have a scaredy-cat on your hands? Your timid feline will likely feel safest in small places. Give Fluffy something with enclosed spaces, like a kitty condo, pet tent, or cat tower with cubbyholes.

Frisky Kitties

Cats are super playful, especially when they are young. If you have a kitten, go for a fun activity center that offers your frisky furball lots of hanging toys and places to climb and explore.

Cats That Like High Places

It’s no surprise that many of our feline pals really like high spots. This does make sense, if you think about it. After all, Fluffy can’t see much from floor level. In fact, your pet’s claws are curved in a way that makes it easy for her to climb things. Look for wall-mounted furniture, tall cat towers, or floor-to-ceiling cat climbers.

Senior Furballs

Older kitties often have trouble jumping and climbing. If your feline friend is in her golden years, look for something that will be easy for her to get in and out of. Instant purr!

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one cat? Choose pieces that can fit all of your furballs at once. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over the cat tower! (Note: if you have more than one feline buddy, watch how your pets arrange themselves on multi-level furniture. The bossiest kitty usually takes the top spot.)

DIY Options

Are you working with a tight budget? Many common household items can be upcycled into furniture for our furry pals. You can turn an old stepladder into a cute kitty tower by adding planks to the steps to widen them out into napping spots, and then wrapping the whole thing in sisal rope or carpet. You can also make Fluffy a cute kitty tent out of an old tee shirt and a wire hangar. Look online for more ideas and step-by-step instructions.

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