How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick

As anyone who is owned by a cat can tell you, our feline pals can be both quirky and mysterious. Kitties’ cute mannerisms can definitely keep their owners smiling! However, there are times that Fluffy’s secrecy can actually work against her, such as when she is sick. Cats often hide the signs of illness from their owners, so it can be hard to tell when your pet isn’t feeling well. Here, an Arlington Heights, TX vet lists some signs of illness in cats.


If your kitty bolts for her favorite hiding spot at the sound of the doorbell, hiding may be somewhat par for the course with her. However, if your scaredy-cat just doesn’t want to leave her hiding spot, or is more withdrawn than usual, she could be sick.

Messy Fur

Healthy kitties will carefully groom themselves daily to keep their fur clean and soft. If Fluffy doesn’t feel well, she may skip her daily regimen. If she does, it won’t take long before she starts looking matted, greasy, or unkempt.


As you may know, the occasional hairball isn’t very unusual in cats. However, if your kitty is constantly throwing up, there could be something much more serious going on.

Behavioral Changes

Keep an eye out for any unusual behavior or vocalizations, or anything that deviates from the way your kitty usually acts. For instance, if Fluffy is usually a furry little chatterbox, but seems silent lately, she may not be feeling well. Another example could be an aloof cat that begins clamoring for attention, or a cuddly furball that seems uncharacteristically grumpy.

Litterbox Issues

If you notice changes in the amount, color, texture, or smell of your kitty’s waste, you may have a sick pet. Also, if your furry buddy seems to be straining to go, contact your vet right away: this can be indicative of some very serious medical issues.


These are just a few signs of illness in cats. Changes in appetite can also be a red flag, as can coughing or wheezing. Kitties sometimes don’t show symptoms until they are quite ill, so contact your vet right away if you notice any of the symptoms listed above.

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